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We're offering The Other Side of the Hero (58 minutes), for use in the classroom or for in-program use (where no admission fee is charged), delivered on a small drive. This version also includes several additional clips (each around 5 minutes) that can be used as an additional resource.  For details, please feel free to email us. The documentary is ideal for students in the following programs: Pre-Service Fire, Paramedic Education, Police Foundations, and Emergency Communications. While The Other Side of the Hero depicts a behind-the-scenes look at society's more prominent front-line professions, this documentary film also is essential for viewing in a multitude of college-level vocational programs including the Health Care sectors (RN, RPN, RNA, etc) and ECE programs. Available in Canada only; for US orders please email us at You can also preview the video by contacting us by email. We can also invoice your institution directly.  

The Other Side of the Hero (Educational Version; delivery on flash drive or DVD)

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