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We're offering a digital download of The Other Side of the Hero (58 minutes), for use in the classroom or for in-program use (where no admission fee is charged). This version also includes several additional clips (each around 5 minutes) that can be used as an additional resource. For details, please feel free to email us. The documentary is ideal for students in the following programs: Pre-Service Fire, Paramedic Education, Police Foundations, and Emergency Communications. While The Other Side of the Hero depicts a behind-the-scenes look at society's more prominent front-line professions, this documentary film also is essential for viewing in a multitude of college-level vocational programs including the Health Care sectors (RN, RPN, RNA, etc) and ECE programs. Available in Canada only; for US orders please email us at You can also preview the video by contacting us by email. 

The Other Side of the Hero (Educational Version; digital download)

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